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Every Ending has a Begining Fledgling Writers Press

We are now accepting submissions for our, very first, compilation of short stories.  The book is based on the phrase “every ending has a beginning” and will contain 10 different perspectives on the meaning of that simple concept.  Our compilation books will serve as a platform for new writers to showcase their talents in a short story format and will be heavily promoted online.

There are some very simple submission criterion. As with our submission processes overall, we accept submissions through Google Docs, only.  You will add the email address bovawhiteheadconsulting@gmail.com as an editor for your submission.

The rules for Write Off short stories submissions are simple:
Short stories are due by 1/31/17 11pm pacific
Story must be entirely unpublished and original.
Story must have no less than 2k words and no more than 5k words.
Story must contain the quoted phrase in the first sentence.
Story must be submitted before the deadline.
Story must be submitted via Google docs
Story header must contain author’s legal name, phone number, email address and a bio of no more than 300 words.
Story should be mostly edited and ready for publication.
Submit stories only if you give permission for them to be shared publicly and/or included in our compilation.

Prize: All submissions will receive constructive feedback.  This can be beneficial to understand what readers would be looking for from your writing. 10 winners will receive

  • A professionally constructed “Author Page” and promotion of that page on social media.
  • 5% of ebook sales for 12 months on the compilation that includes their work.



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