We help edit and format your book for both eBook readers and print. Content, style and formatting included.

Cover Art

Your cover should tell a story about your book and attract readers. We help you to craft a cover that best represents your book.


You have a great book, but no one knows about it.  Let us use our expertise to create an online marketing plan for your book.


You wrote a book! Now, what?

We are writers and understand that writing a book is hard work. Your creativity and dedication should pay off as much as possible. With typical publishing companies, you give away the lion's share of the profits in exchange for a little bit of help marketing your book.  We are flipping the script on that scenario. You still need services to edit and market you book and that's where we can help.

Co-Op Publishing

Would you be satisfied with 10% royalties on your book? We wouldn't. Self-publishing has allowed writers to retain a much greater percentage of the profits from their books. However, you still need to edit, design a book cover and market yourself and your book. It's not as easy as it seems to find an audience; that's where a co-op publisher agreement can help.


Talk to us

If you want to learn about co-op publishing or simply want help with cover art for your book, editing, proofreading, or a book marketing plan - contact us, today.