Blog to Book – How to turn your blog into a published book

We love blogs.  From finding a new recipe, decorating tips, crafts to sage parenting advice – blog niches suit every taste and interest. Bloggers, for the most part, blog to earn an income. After accumulating piles of posts, bloggers may want to turn those posts into something resembling a book. There are a few options for taking your blog to print (or digital) but if you want to create a book, that will appeal to more than your blog reader, here are three tips to get you started.

Blog to Book Tips

1. Cull it out – You don’t have to use all of your posts or take them verbatim. Maybe your blog has excellent parenting advice for teenagers, or tips to make affordable Christmas gifts, or deal with a child’s learning disability. Segment your content and produce books that reach a particular part of your readership. In this way, you can reach an already warm audience on your blog and a focused niche on the book shelves.

2. Add content – People are attracted to blogs because they are free. Those same people are not going to buy a book when the content is exactly the same and available online. Cherry pick the best of your blog and add more content. Tell back stories, funny anecdotes or expand on a topic. Don’t, simply, cut and paste from your blog to a book.

3. Tighten up –  Give your blog a fresh edit – enhance pictures, remove keywords for SEO purposes only. Blog writing is a different style than book writing. Novelists don’t consider keyword density, H tags, or product placement when writing a book. Your posts should be edited to remove those elements before making it to the pages.

Check out some of our favorite bloggers who have successfully made the leap to published author. Use them as inspiration in turning your blog into a novel.

Heather Armstrong – Dooce

Merissa Alink – Little House Living

Pamela Slim – Escape From Cubicle Nation

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