Our Approach

We work with, not for, undiscovered writers to help them create a better book that reaches their target audience.  70% of authors never make a profit on their book. Why? Because publishing companies are providing needed but costly services to edit and market books and taking the greater percentage of the book's profits as compensation. We can do better.

We provide low cost editing, cover art and marketing for your book and you keep the majority of the profits; it's that simple. If you have a completed book, we would love to look at it and see if our services, combined with your talent can, synergistically, sell more books.

Our focus is on Fledgling Writers. We are looking for the next undiscovered genius.  We believe she / he is out there and is waiting to have a book published or waiting for someone to notice their talent.  The self-publishing waters are rougher and murkier than ever before. We're here to help you stand out.

Owner and founder  of Fledgling Writers, JP Bova,  has been writing since childhood and working as a ghost writer and online marketing and business manager, since 2009.  Her professional experience and love of writing merged to create this site and concept of co-op publishing; that benefits the artist more than the publisher.