Reach an Audience

You wrote a book, now you have to reach an audience. We assist fledgling writers in creating a book marketing plan and publishing digital copies of their book to reach an audience. Successful writers don't work alone. We are here to help.

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Stand out from the Crowd

More than 600,000 books, half of which are self published, are published in the US alone each year. On average, 250 copies of a book are sold. How do you plan to stand out? We assist in creating marketing that gets readers to notice your work.

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Help How you Need it

Our services can be tailored to your needs. From editing to co-op publishing under our label. We can help you get your books ready for readers. We are also looking for short story and novelettes to publish in compilation works under Fledgling Writers Press.

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Write Off - Compilation books


We are looking for submissions to our Write-Off compilations. These books contain 10 short stories, of less than 5,000 words, based on a topic.  Our first compilation book based on the phrase
"every ending has a beginning" is open for submissions.  The point of these compilations, aside from the obvious enjoyment of the reader, is to feature lesser-known writers and promote their talents.  When you submit a work for a compilation we will read each story and give you valuable feedback on your work, which you won't get from a typical publishing house.

If your work is selected for publication in our book you will receive a percentage of the sales of the book for 48 months. Get more information on exactly what we are looking for and how to submit your short story.


Submissions Wanted

We are always looking to co-op publish Novelettes under Fledgling Writers Press.